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Aeta Paper Yarn Shoulder M, Khaki
Aeta Paper Yarn Shoulder M, Khaki
Aeta Paper Yarn Shoulder M, Khaki
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aeta paper yarn shoulder m, khaki

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About the product

One of the traditional products of the Lao people is a finely woven bag made of twisted kudzu fibers.
The delicate handwork done by the women of the ethnic minority living in northern Laos from generation to generation fascinated me and inspired me to create this collection.
Originally, these bags were made with kudzu thread, but this collection was created with paper thread, which has good coloring, to give a new and sophisticated impression while preserving Laotian culture.

The handles are one-shoulder length and easy to carry on the shoulder.
The colors are Khaki and Gray Beige, new colors for the 24SS.

Material: Paper Yarm
Item number: PY08
Size: M W270 H250 mm *Total length including the shoulder portion is 520 mm


Aeta is a brand that goes to various countries and regions to give shape to each encounter.

The brand name is derived from the Japanese word "Aeta", which means "to meet", and the brand believes in careful craftsmanship with unconventional and free ideas, cherishing each and every encounter.