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Aeta TOTE : S,White
Aeta TOTE : S,White
Aeta TOTE : S,White
Aeta TOTE : S,White
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aeta tote : s,white

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About the product

It is a collection that is delicately assembled so that seams and unnecessary parts do not appear. While incorporating classic materials and details that have been passed down for a long time, we stuck to a simple and new look, and finished it by repeating the prototype production many times with the craftsmen who have made things together so far.

Material: Cow Leather
Part no.: PG61
Size: S W220 H230mm


Aeta is a brand that goes to various countries and regions to give shape to each encounter.

The brand name is derived from the Japanese word "Aeta", which means "to meet", and the brand believes in careful craftsmanship with unconventional and free ideas, cherishing each and every encounter.