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Brady  LOWCA MINI, Khaki
Brady  LOWCA MINI, Khaki
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brady lowca mini, khaki

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About the product

 - Mini shoulder bag “LOWCA MINI”
- Turn lock specification
- Clean vertical form
- Adjustable shoulder strap length
- Metal fittings made of high quality brass used for horse harnesses
- Bridle leather trim
- High-quality finish that shows the proven track record of a long-established bag manufacturer

Material: COTTON100% Leather parts: cow leather
Size:ONE 14 cm (width), 19.5 cm (height), 




[About the product]
The leather is made of natural leather, so there may be some fine scratches, etc. (scratches, bloodstains, wrinkles, etc., that the cow got before its birth) on every item.
The surface of the leather may have a white powder, but this is called "bloom", which appears on the surface of the leather from the wax soaked into the leather. As this bloom becomes accustomed to the leather, it develops a glossy and beautiful luster and changes to a luxurious look and feel. It is your choice whether to let the bloom naturally adjust with use, or to wipe it off with a dry cloth (this will make it less noticeable).
Natural leather may transfer color to light-colored (especially white) items due to friction (especially friction in a damp condition).
Please note that the color may fade when wet with sweat or rain.
The color of the attached leather charms may vary depending on the time of manufacture and arrival. Please note that you cannot choose your favorite color.
The blend ratio of the fabric differs depending on the time of production. Please understand in advance that you cannot choose your favorite color.