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Elastic tote, Black
Elastic tote, Black
Elastic tote, Black
Elastic tote, Black
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elastic tote, black

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About the product

New SheepLeather series.
The Spanish sheepskin material is said to be the best in the world and comes from the Entrefino breed of sheep. The unique shape of the bag is characterized by the gathered elastic at the opening. A magnetic button prevents the contents from popping out. There is also a pocket with a snap button on the inside.

Material: Sheep Leather
Item number: SH09
Size: S W280mm H190mm


Aeta is a brand that goes to various countries and regions to give shape to each encounter.

The brand name is derived from the Japanese word "Aeta", which means "to meet", and the brand believes in careful craftsmanship with unconventional and free ideas, cherishing each and every encounter.