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FLIP FLOP 2.0, Gray
FLIP FLOP 2.0, Gray
FLIP FLOP 2.0, Gray
FLIP FLOP 2.0, Gray
FLIP FLOP 2.0, Gray
FLIP FLOP 2.0, Gray
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flip flop 2.0, gray

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About the product

Recovery sandals have been attracting increasing attention in recent years, especially in the sports world. RIG, the first recovery sandal brand in Japan, focused on the characteristics of Japanese people's feet, such as a high instep and wide width, and pursued the most comfortable fit for Japanese people.

They are highly shock-absorbent, releasing stress from the feet and back and promoting recovery from fatigue. Especially after standing or exercising, they allow the feet to relax to the maximum extent so that fatigue is not left behind the next day. They are also suitable for daily wear for people with back pain or hernias, as they reduce the stress on the feet and back compared to rigid sandals.

Flip-flop type for maximum relaxation after exercise by removing socks; also recommended for those who love 5-finger socks. They are also ideal for vacationing to the beach or other places, not only after exercise.

Material: EVA (synthetic resin)
Item number: FLIP FLOP 2.0


 rigは日本人の足の特徴に基づいたフットベッドを採用し 日本人にとって最も快適になるように設計されています。欧米人と日本人の足の特徴を研究し、 約4年の開発を経て2019年に日本初のリカバリーサンダルブランドとして誕生しました。