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Stroll Utility Case, Light Beige
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stroll utility case, light beige

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About the product

.Utility case made of Tempotest® fabric from PARA, Italy
This fabric is used for outdoor applications such as tents and deck chairs, and has water repellency.
The utility case is based on THE NORTH FACE's day bag released in the 80's. The color of the bag is purple, a color that reflects the brand.
Detachable cord strap in a mix of brand-imaging purple colors.
Inside the mini pouch is a mesh pad to soften the impact of impact.
Convenient storage for gadgets such as cameras, mobile chargers, etc.

Material:100% Acrylic
Item number: NN7365N
Size:Pouch 1, W 6 H 8.5 D 3.5 Pouch 2, W 12.5 H 14 D 4.5


Founded in Berkeley, California in 1968, the company introduced the Sierra Parka, the prototype of down wear, in 1969. Since then, it has introduced numerous innovations such as framed backpacks and dome-shaped tents, and continues to innovate under the slogan of "being the best today. The purple label is the nanamam brand. The purple label is a limited edition model created by nanamica in collaboration with THE NORTH FACE.