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Unfil WHFL-UW132
Unfil WHFL-UW132
Unfil WHFL-UW132
Unfil WHFL-UW132
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unfil stretch superkid mohair hooded stole, greige

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About the product

It is a stall with a hood. The doubled hood part is voluminous and protects against the cold. It is very light, so it does not cause stress even if you wrap it around your neck.

It is made of the Italian fancy yarn maker "LINEAPIU", and it is not just mohair, but also contains polyurethane in the core, and it is characterized by being warm because the knitting is tightly clogged after knitting, making it difficult for wind to pass through. In addition, by using the finest super kid mohair, it has a beautiful hairy leg and a very light finish, and it is a knitted fabric that does not shed hair and does not easily pill. It is a special mohair knit that is difficult to knit and can only be produced in a factory that has been knitting this yarn for a long time.

* Please note that there may be some dimensional differences because it is knitted very large with highly stretchable yarn and then shrunk at once

Materials: Mohair 38%, Wool 38%, Nylon 19%, Polyurethane 5%
Item No.: WHFL-UW132


F47.2 inch


unfil" was launched in 2017 by Saori Komatsu, a former designer of the knitwear brand "ilianlobe". The brand concept is simple but special clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear, made by taking time to carefully consider the best materials, silhouettes, and details. The brand also offers a full lineup of knitwear with beautiful silhouettes.


  • Not washable

  • Bleaching not allowed

  • Tumble drying not allowed

  • Ironable up to 150℃

  • Mild dry cleaning possible

  • Wet cleaning not allowed