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yaeca canvas design marche bag,white

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About the product

YAECA CANVAS DESIGN is designed to be used as uniforms and tools for various scenes, tough, simple, and long-lasting. This workwear was created with this in mind. The image of CANVAS was inspired by the CANVAS woven for ships' sails in prehistoric times.

We created a bag that is easy to use as a daily necessities, inspired by the shopping bags used to pack up and carry home items bought at markets and stores. The cylindrical shape makes it easy to throw in and look around inside.

The No. 6 canvas becomes softer and more comfortable as it is used more and more. The inside bottom is protected by water-repellent nylon to prevent the contents from getting wet even if the bag is left on the ground.

Material: 100% COTTON
Item number: 43963
Size: Height 39 cm, bottom diameter 21 cm, strap length 52 cm


Launched in 2002. The designers are Tetsuhiro Hattori and Kyoko Ide.
YAECA gives form to "inevitably simple" designs that are created by looking at the environment, looking at our lives, and looking at our relationships with our surroundings, just as we create daily necessities that we use unconsciously in our daily lives. We would like to create products that are not transient in the process of production, but are conscious of their role as standard daily wear.